Birtenshaw - Spotlight

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Birtenshaw is a charity that provides a unique range of services for children and young adults with special educational needs and disability. Their vision is to ‘Brighten Lives and Build Futures’ by ensuring that pupils receive the same learning and social opportunities as other children; which they achieve by providing facilities and a creative curriculum tailored to meet their needs.

Birtenshaw has been providing much-needed special education and care services for young people with Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) since 1956, and was started by a group of parents who wanted to ensure their children were educated and cared for locally rather than in distant institutions.  At Birtenshaw they aspire to be the leaders of Special Educational Needs and Disability services locally, regionally and in the longer term nationally.

Birtenshaw offers a range of tailored education, care and health services for individuals with a learning disability, Autistic Spectrum Conditions, significant physical impairment and/or complex health needs. They can support individuals of any age; however the majority of our beneficiaries are aged between 5 and 25 years old at present.

Traditionally serving Bolton and immediate surrounds, Birtenshaw’s reputation during the last 10 years has grown across the wider North West region and beyond. Birtenshaw frequently considers invitations to partner with local authorities right across the UK and deliver its method of service to other local beneficiaries who could benefit from the Birtenshaw approach. The most recent development is the new school in Fazakerley which was established in partnership with the City of Liverpool Council. They are also working with a design team to redevelop our old site in Bolton with the intention to build additional classrooms and develop an early years’ service by 2019.

This is all part of how the Birtenshaw Board has agreed and set a strategy for continuing to grow the organisation, whilst maintaining the quality of our services. This is their invitation to you to join their Board of Trustees to ensure that they have robust governance arrangements and the skills required on the Board to help with this next exciting stage of development and growth.

The role of Birtenshaw Trustee offers you the opportunity to play a major part in their future, by helping to direct their strategy for further development of the organisation, and to be involved with one of the most respected service providers in the sector.

The unique skill set and contribution of each Trustee, working collaboratively with other Board members for the benefit of all those whom we support will be invaluable to continue to raise our profile further and enhance the standards of their services.

Click  here to find out more about becoming a trustee at Birtenshaw.