Use this service to screen personnel simply and cheaply

Sunday, September 10, 2017

If your organisation uses the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) you won’t be alone in finding aspects of the process confusing and frustrating. There are two principle pitfalls – three if you count the excessive fees that some organisations find themselves being charged.

That said, DBS checks are an essential part of due diligence in staff and volunteer recruitment. Formerly known as the Criminal Record Bureau, the Disclosure and Barring Service is a key element of safeguarding a charity’s beneficiaries and staff by ensuring that all those recruited to the organisation are appropriate individuals.

ACEVO’s new online service can square the circle of getting your DBS checks quickly and at a cost which already promises to save one ACEVO member several thousands of pounds across the year.

One of the most common frustrations is the time it takes for a DBS check to complete. The DBS vetting process can sometimes take weeks to come through, especially if you’re using paper forms to apply. This can leave job candidates hanging in the wind and, more importantly, your organisation will remain a role down until the check comes through. But by going online with the ACEVO system you’ll be able get your checks back within days. Our partner is online checking service company uCheck, a DBS-approved supplier.

The other main pitfall is asking for the wrong level of check. Applicants need to be working in certain roles, or carrying out certain activities, for a DBS check to be necessary. If it is necessary you also then need to determine whether you should be seeking a Standard Disclosure or an Enhanced Disclosure.

The different level of checking dictates the amount and nature of information eventually disclosed on the certificates. The Standard DBS will disclose any spent and unspent convictions, as well as any cautions, warnings or reprimands the applicant may have received.

The Enhanced DBS check will include the same information, as well as providing the opportunity for the local police authorities to disclose any information they deem relevant about an individual. In addition, checks against the children or vulnerable adult’s barred list can be requested.

Eligibility for checks can be tricky to navigate and can cause delays in the application process if the wrong level of check is sought.

For example, a cleaning services company was experiencing delays when submitting Enhanced DBS checks for its operatives working in domestic homes. Our partners uCheck established that the problem was down to asking for the wrong level of check.

Not only did the company then save money by selecting Basic Criminal Record Checks instead, it also meant that employees’ privacy was protected because the company only received the level of disclosure appropriate for the job.

ACEVO’s online platform is not only a smoother and more efficient process, it is also faster and can save you money as well as grief. If you have any questions during the process you can contact uCheck support via phone, email or live chat to help you navigate the system or deal with any other concerns.