A powerful and accessible method for bringing your workforce back into their roles

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

The new working normal will pose challenges for your managers and teams. Your employees are facing new leadership demands, team dynamics and communication difficulties.

Overwhelm and frustration will cause not only loss of productivity but also frustration and added stress. If you want healthy, happy and well-adjusted teams ready to hit the ground running, don’t get caught on the back foot waiting for lockdown to lift. Invest in development, wellbeing and leadership coaching now to ensure a successful, productive return.

Aumida - Recruitment and Coaching are offering 'The Prepare to Bounce Back Programme' which supports wellbeing and leadership during lockdown and as teams transition back into the office. 


10 easy access coaching sessions can be implemented over phone or zoom, starting immediately. 

An affordable, powerful and accessible method to support your employees throughout C-19 and bring your workforce successfully back into their roles.

Contact bev@aumida.com for more information.