Be a trustee

Donate Your Time and Make a Difference as a Charity Trustee!

Do you want to make a positive impact in your community? Would you like to contribute your skills and expertise to a cause? It might be the perfect opportunity for you to become a charity trustee! Charity trustees play a key role in guiding and shaping a charity's direction, helping it accomplish its mission and make a difference.


Trustee: what is it?

Charity trustees volunteer their time and expertise to serve on the board of a charity. The trustees make sure the charity operates according to its objectives, legal requirements, and best practices. They make sure resources are used effectively and the charity is accountable to its stakeholders by providing leadership, oversight, and guidance.


What's it like to be a charity trustee?

Become a Charity Trustee and make a difference: Become a Charity Trustee and you'll directly contribute to a charity's success. By contributing your skills, knowledge, and experience, you can help shape the charity's strategy, programs, and policies.

Being a Charity Trustee is a fantastic way to grow professionally and personally. You'll learn about governance, leadership, strategic planning, and financial management. You'll learn new skills, expand your network, and get fresh perspective.

You'll meet a lot of like-minded people who share your passion for social change when you join a charity board. As a result, you'll get to work with professionals from all walks of life, forming valuable connections that can lead you to new opportunities.

The Trustee role provides an excellent opportunity to learn about the charity sector. You'll gain a deeper understanding of challenges, opportunities, and best practices in areas such as fundraising, advocacy, program delivery, and impact measurement.


What's the process for becoming a charity trustee?

Identify causes you care about: Think about the things that matter to you. To find the right fit, research charities working in those areas.


Research and Due Diligence

Look up the websites and online resources of charities you're interested in. Find out what their mission is, what they do, how they're governed, and how they're doing. For official information on registered charities in the UK, check out the Charity Commission website (

Don't be afraid to contact charities directly if you're interested in becoming a Trustee. Attend their events or open meetings to get a sense of their work and meet the existing board members.


Assess your skills and experience

Think about the skills, knowledge, and experience you can bring. Charities need a lot of skills, from finance to law to marketing to fundraising to IT to HR. Make sure your expertise matches the charity's needs.

Once you've done your research and due diligence, it's time to find a job. You can register with ACEVO jobs, Getting on Board, or Reach volunteering. You will have to apply and interview to be a trustee. Depending on the job, you might need to submit your CV, fill out an application form, or attend an interview. Put your passion, commitment, and relevant skills on display.


Induction and Training

You'll get an induction to familiarize yourself with the charity's policies, procedures, and responsibilities. Your effectiveness as a Trustee can also be enhanced by ongoing training and support.


Become a Charity Trustee and make a difference!

A Charity Trustee is a rewarding experience that lets you contribute your time, skills, and passion to a cause that matters to you.

You can make a difference by joining a charity board.